NCETMB - National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage

Find NCETMB exam resources including: a free NCETMB practice test, study materials and more. The NCETMB exam was developed by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork founded in 1992 in part to create a massage certification program. Sections of the exam include: Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology; Body Systems; Pathology; Massage & Bodywork Assessment; Massage and Bodywork application; and Massage Business, Legal Issues and Ethics.

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Practice Exam Kit for the BCETMB
Practice Exam Kit for the BCETMB
Location Type: Online

Address: USA
Prepare to get board certified using the BCETMB practice exam, a full-length, comprehensive practice exam with answers fully explained for ideal study. 39.95

Top 10 NCETMB Test Tips

  1. Know the material. Use study aides in addition to this practice test. Study wrong answers. Understand the concepts.
  2. Get the NCBTMB Handbook. Read thru the entire handbook on the NCBTMB website located here: This is mandatory.
  3. Study every day. A little each day goes a long way. By setting a regular study schedule you will greatly increase your knowledge and understanding.
  4. Take breaks. The Pearson Vue facility allows testers to take unscheduled breaks during the test. If you feel nervous or distracted then take a breather. Careful you don’t take too long, your time will still run out whether you are present or not.
  5. Create flashcards to help memorize terms and concepts. The process of writing down information is a fantastic way to imprint subjects into memory.
  6. Be prepared. Think about the traffic on the day of your test. Will you need parking money? Do you have to find a ride? Will you be starving at test time? Plan out your entire testing day so you can be calm and rested for the test.
  7. Think positive. Ever heard of the power of positive thinking? Now is an excellent time to employ the concept to passing your exam. You are going to do great!
  8. Relax: There are going to be questions you do not know the answers to. This is to test how much you know above and beyond the basics. Do not fret over questions you do not know.
  9. Find friends. Study with classmates or peers who are interested in passing the NCBTMB exam. Having a peer study group will help you learn and retain the information.
  10. Get a good night sleep. Do not bother with studying the night before your test. A well rested brain is scientifically proven to have a higher cognitive ability.