Automatically-Scored Written Essay Test

Test Summary: The Automatically-Scored Written Essay Test is an assessment aimed to test a candidate's written ability. The candidates are asked a question and are requested to provide an answer in the form of an essay within a 10 minute time limit. The test assesses the candidate's ability of conveying a desired message well, conveying it in a well-structured and appropriate manner, as well as conveying it using appropriate spelling and grammar.

Test Specifications:
  • Test Name: Automatically-Scored Written Essay Test.
  • Test Publisher: SHL
  • Uses: Test for assessing managerial candidates' writing ability
  • Job Level: Entry to Mid Level Professionals
  • Number of Questions: One
  • Test Format: Essay question
  • Estimated Testing Time: 10 minutes
Abilities, Knowledge & Skills Measured:
  • Expressing one's ideas clearly and concisely
  • Supporting one's statements with appropriate arguments
  • Ability of writing well under time pressure
  • Writing mechanics (i.e. spelling and grammar)