HTML 4.0 Test

Test Summary: An assessment aimed at measuring a candidate's proficiency in programming using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML 4.0). The test assesses the most common knowledge in regards to coding web pages using HTML 4.0.

Test Specifications:
  • Test Name: HTML 4.0 Test
  • Test Publisher: SHL
  • Uses: Assess the candidate's proficiency in coding web pages with HTML 4.0
  • Job Level: Experienced Programmer
  • Number of Questions: 26
  • Estimated Testing Time: 26 minutes (90 minutes allowed)
  • Test Format: Multiple-Choice -- Adaptive
Abilities, Knowledge & Skills Measured:
  • Components, Browsers, and Document Information
  • Links, Lists, Style Sheets, Tables, Frames, Forms, Images, and Text
  • Page Structure and Advanced HTML