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MBLEx Practice Test

Take this free MBLEx practice exam to test your knowledge of massage therapy subjects.

This MBLEx practice test includes sample questions from real exam sections: body systems, anatomy, pathology and more. The actual exam was developed by FSMTB (Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards) and is administered at high-security test centers across the U.S.  The licensing boards of individual states determine what is needed for licensure. In many states, a passing score on the MBLEx is one of several requirements for licensure.

To prepare for the MBLEx, use our 1000 question full-length practice exam for the MBLEx. authored by massage therapy instructors, who have all worked in massage therapy for many years. 

1. A massage therapist presses and rolls muscles under her hands. What massage stroke is this?
2. Myofacial Pain Syndrome is associated with which of the following.
3. The bones of the arms, legs, pelvis and shoulders make up the appendicular skeleton.
4. When a bone turns on its own central axis making a circular movement, it is called ________________.
5. All of the following are types of massage except _________________________.
6. What is the meaning of the Greek root "derm"?
7. What plane divides the body into front and back regions?
MBLEx Practice Exam Questions Answers Study
8. Smooth muscle is also known as ___________________.
9. Skeletal muscles normally work __________________.
10. Skeletal muscle is attached to bone by __________________.
11. Which of the following are voluntary muscles ________________.
12. Which of the following is not a type of oriental massage therapy ________________.
13. The hypodermis is directly below what layer of skin?
14. Where is the liver located?
15. With an arm pinned to the side of the body at a 90 degree angle and the palm facing up, what is the movement of the forearm that rotates the palm to face downward?
16. What plane divides the body into upper and lower regions?
17. What connective tissue ensheaths the entire muscle?
18. Where bones meet to form a joint.
19. Blood vessels, hair follicles, nerve receptors and skin glands are located in the ______________________.
20. The axial skeleton contains the skull, vertebral column and rib cage.
21. All muscles come in pairs, the agonist and the ________________.
22. When a part of the body is toward the side, away from the midline, it is referred to as _____________________.
23. The long shaft of a bone is called ____________________.
24. The ends of a long bone are called ___________________.
25. What bones are found in locations where a tendon passes over a joint, such as the hand, knee, and foot?
26. The movement of the sole towards the median plane.
27. One of the main focuses of Oriental massage therapy is restoring a proper flow and balance to the energy in the body.
28. Which of the following are not accepted goals of massage?
29. A client's SOAP notes state that the client presented with pediculolsis in their last visit.  What condition did they have?
30. A client has been diagnosed with cataplexy.  What condition do they have?

MBLEx Practice Exam Questions Answers Study

The MBLEx is a national exam that is required by individual states to license massage therapists. The exam is used to ensure candidates for licensure are qualified to practice massage therapy. Learn more about this test with The Guide to the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).

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