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Medical Assistant Practice Test

Take this free practice test to see how prepared you are for a medical assistant certification exam.

The three most prevalent certifications for Medical Assistant are offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), the American Medical Technologists (AMT) and the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT).  In most cases, certification by any of these organizations will be accepted nationally. Subject matter for these exams falls into the following three subject areas: General Knowledge, Administrative Knowledge and Clinical Knowledge.

To prepare for the actual exam, we provide a 750 question Medical Assistant Practice Exam written by Melanie Shearer, MS., MT (ASCP), CMA (AAMA), who is an Instructor of Medical Assisting; Dr. David Valte, Professor of Medical Assisting, Bramson ORT College; and Christina Cline, CMA (AAMA).

1. A medical procedure cannot be performed on a patient until the doctor obtains __________________.
2. A medical assistant is at a bar with her close friend and they get to talking about work. The medical assistant infoms her friend that the friend's teacher was in the doctor's office getting checked out for kindey stones. This is not a breach of confidentiality since it was a private communitcation between the medical assistant and her friend.
3. A patient's bill has been unpaid for more than 90 days. A telephone call to the patient must be made by a lawyer.
4. What is the first step in treating a chemical burn of the skin?
5. The pharmaceutical abbreviation "qid" means ____________________.
6. Which of the following is not located in the mediastinum?
7. A condition of insufficient blood-clotting cells is referred to as:
Medical Assistant Practice Exam
8. Which of the following terms is spelled incorrectly?
9. Urine flows through the urinary system in which order?
10. Which bone is found superior to the patella and inferior to the ischium?
11. Which is not part of effective communication?
12. Which abdominal region lies just distal to the sternum?
13. Which describes the body's ability to maintain its normal state?
14. The point at which an impulse is transmitted from one neuron to another is:
15. Which cranial nerve is related to the sense of smell?
16. Touching someone without permission is called:
17. Blood flows from the heart's right ventricle into the:
18. Which of the following terms is spell correctly?
19. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in one-celled air sacs called:
20. Word processing software may be used by a medical assistant to create which of the following?
21. The following are all segments of the large intestine except the:
22. Before referring a patient to another facility, a medical assistant should be sure to verify the patient's:
23. Calcium, potassium, and sodium are all classified as:
24. Which is the term for an abnormally low white blood cell count?
25. HIPAA requirements only apply to doctors and nurses, not to other staff of the care provider.
26. Adipose tissue is made of:
27. The prefix brady (as in bradycardia) means:
28. In the periodic table, K is the symbol for:
29. Korotkoff sounds are evaluated when:
30. A cystoscope is most commonly used by a specialist in:
31. When washing hands, the three most important factors include:
32. Instructions to take a medication pc means it should be taken after meals.
33. A hematologist specializes in treating patients with diseases of the liver.
34. A paramedic informs the medical assistant that a patient has had a cardiac arrest. What does this mean?
35. A 17 year old woman who is married arrives at the emergency department of a hospital with an injured arm. Who must consent to any treatment since this patient is a minor?
36. A client would not be billed in which of the following situations?
37. Which of the following would be used to indicate someone has taken a file from the file cabinet?
38. The pharmaceutical abbreviation "bid" means _____________________.
39. It is not acceptable to erase a portion of a medical record to correct an error.
40. Making a note in one file that a paper is in another file is called ________________.

Medical Assistant Practice Test

The Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA ) and Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) credentials are voluntary, though many medical assistants find that individual employers require them prior to making an offer of employment. To get certifed or registered, a candidate may have to take an exam adiministered by a certifying organization (AAMA, AMT, NCCT and NHA). To learn more about qulaifying to be a medical assistant and exam details, see our Medical Assistant Test Guide.

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