Insulation Contractor License Practice Exam

Do you know the answer to these Insulation Contractor License Exam sample questions?

1. Which of the following is the best insulation?
2. What is the allowable conductance when wrapping ducts?
3. Which of the following is the smallest wire permitted when wrapping air-conditioning ducts?
4. What insulation should be used when wrapping chilled water pipe?
5. STC is an acronym for which of the following?
6. FSK-25 insulation is used in which of the following?
7. STL is an acronym for which of the following?
8. One inch of polyurethane insulation is equal to what R-value?
9. Which weatherproofing material is the most versatile?
10. Ceiling tiles should not be installed when the humidity is above which of the following?
11. When installing Zee-Bar Ceilings, how many twists does the suspension wire require?
12. Zee-Bar ceiling systems require a minimum of what gage wire?
13. Residential slab-on-grade foundations insulation R-Value should be a minimum of ___________?
14. When installing unfaced insulation between metal studs, the best procedure is to use ____________?
15. What is the best method of stopping air infiltration through heating systems?
16. In residential air leakage tests, where does the most air infiltration occur?
17. R-value is the measure of a material's resistance to the flow of which of the following?
18. K factor is a measure of ___________?
19. Reflective insulation is designed for which of the following?
20. The greatest heat loss occurs through the ____________?

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Contractor Licensing Exams are used to certify tradesman in the field of building. This certification is administered by the state's licensing board. The certification can typically be purchased as a bond for one year, or a license for two. To learn more about the Building Contractor's Licensing Exams, see our Guide to Building Contractor Exams