Journeyman Electrician - Test 3 - 2014 NEC


1. Each patient bed location in the general care areas of a hospital or similar health care facility shall be provided with a MINIMUM of _____ 125-volt, single-phase, 15- or 20-ampere listed "hospital grade" receptacles.
2. Given: A single-family dwelling with a 200-ampere, 120/240-volt, single-phase main service panel is being supplied with size 2/0 AWG THW copper ungrounded service-entrance conductors in rigid metal conduit (RMC). The MINIMUM allowable size of the supply side bonding jumper required for this service-entrance conduit is _____.
3. Where rigid metal conduit (RMC) or intermediate metal conduit (IMC) is threaded in the field and corrosion protection is necessary, the threads shall be coated with a/an _____ compound.
4. Disregarding exceptions, conductors installed in parallel must be _____.
I) the same length
II) the same size
5. Determine the MAXIMUM allowable current-carrying capacity of a size 1/0 AWG THW copper conductor installed in a common raceway with three (3) other current carrying conductors of the same size and insulation where the ambient temperature is 86 deg. F.
6. Where used outdoors, aluminum grounding electrode conductors shall not be terminated within _____ of the earth.
7. Determine the MAXIMUM initial standard size nontime delay fuses permitted for branch-circuit, short-circuit and ground-fault protection for a 5 hp, 240-volt, single-phase, ac continuous-duty motor with no code letter indicated on the nameplate.
8. When a conductor has a computed ampacity of 75 amperes, the MAXIMUM standard ampere rating of the overcurrent protection device the NEC permits to protect this circuit is rated _____ if this is not a motor circuit or part of a branch circuit supplying multiple receptacles.
9. A 20-ampere, 120-volt load is located 150 ft. from a panelboard and is supplied with size 10 AWG copper branch-circuit conductors with THWN-2 insulation. What is the approximate voltage drop on the conductors? (K = 12.9)
10. A concrete-encased grounding electrode shall consist of at LEAST _____ in one continuous 20 foot length.
I) size 4 AWG bare copper conductor
II) in. diameter steel reinforcing rod
11. Determine the MINIMUM trade size electrical metallic tubing (EMT) required to enclose eight (8) size 6 AWG copper conductors with THHW insulation when installed in a 50 ft. conduit run.
12. Under which, if any, of the following conditions is the neutral NOT to be counted as a current carrying conductor?
I) When it is only carrying the unbalanced current.
II) When it is the neutral of a 3-phase wye-connected system where the major portion of the load consists of nonlinear loads.
13. In general, outside open conductors on insulators, of 600 volts or less, must be covered or insulated when they are WITHIN _____ of a building
14. For the purpose of determining box fill, size 12 AWG THWN copper conductors are to be calculated at ____ per grounded or ungrounded conductor.
15. What is the MAXIMUM distance allowed between supports when installing nonmetallic sheathed cable (NM)?
16. In general, a motor disconnecting means must disconnect:
17. Given: A 20 ft. feeder tap for lighting has an ampacity of 150 amperes. What is the MAXIMUM ampere rating permitted for an overcurrent protection device protecting the conductors from which they are tapped?
18. The critical branch of the hospital essential electrical system shall provide power to all the operating rooms and all _____.
I) emergency room treatment areas
II) nurses stations
19. When sizing the overcurrent protection for a single non-motor operated appliance, which of the following need NOT to be taken into consideration?
20. In new installations, the MINIMUM working space the NEC requires between a 480/277-volt, wye, switchboard and a 480-volt motor control center where facing each other is _____.
21. In all child care facilities, all nonlocking-type, 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles, shall be _____.
22. When branch circuit conductors are installed inside a ballast compartment of a luminaire and they are within 3 inches of the ballast, the conductors shall have a temperature rating NOT lower than _____.
23. In general, branch-circuit conductors supplying residential electric ranges of 8.75 kW or more in rating shall be rated at LEAST _____.
24. Regardless of the applied voltage, or the type of insulation, size 12 AWG copper conductors require overcurrent protection NOT in excess of _____.
25. A size 2 AWG copper conductor having a temperature rating of 75 deg. C has an allowable ampacity of _____ when installed in an area where the ambient temperature is expected to reach 100 deg. F.
26. Wiring located above heated ceilings, where installed less than two (2) inches above the heated ceiling, shall be considered as operating at an ambient temperature of _____ .
27. Where the motor controller also serves as a disconnecting means, it shall open all _____ conductors to the motor.
28. Apply the general method of calculation and determine the demand load, in VA, for a one-family dwelling having a total connected load of 96,400 VA for the general lighting, small appliance and laundry loads.
29. Circuit breakers are NOT listed for continuous-use, unless they have an ampere rating of at LEAST _____ or more.
30. Circuits that supply outline lighting systems containing incandescent luminaires shall be rated NOT to exceed _____.
31. In a health care facility, low voltage electrical equipment that is likely to become energized that is frequently in contact with the bodies of patients, shall operate on a voltage of _____ or less if the equipment is not approved as intrinsically safe, double-insulated or moisture-resistant.
32. Determine the largest trade size raceway permitted to be installed in a junction box given the following related information:
junction box is 12 inches in length
conductors are size 4 AWG
a straight pull of the conductors is to be made
33. Determine the voltage drop on a branch circuit given the following related information:
current = 5 amperes
conductor length = 300 ft.
conductor resistance = 4 ohms per 1,000 feet
34. Given: A feeder is to supply the following continuous-duty ac motors from a motor control center:
motor #1 - FLC = 10 amperes
motor #2 - FLC = 20 amperes
motor #3 - FLC = 30 amperes
The feeder conductors are required to have an ampacity of at LEAST _____.
35. What is the MINIMUM general lighting demand load, in VA, of an industrial commercial (loft) building having dimensions of 100 ft. x 300 ft.?
36. All single-phase, 125-volt, 15- or 20-ampere receptacle outlets installed for countertop appliances in dwelling unit kitchens, must be located above, but NOT more than _____ above the countertop surface.
37. For capacitors of over 600 volts, a means shall be provided to reduce the residual voltage of a capacitor to _____ after the capacitor is disconnected from the source of supply.
38. In general, the disconnecting means for an air-conditioning unit _____.
39. Grounding conductors and bonding jumpers shall NOT be connected by _____.
40. Edison base fuses are prohibited _____.
41. In general, flexible metal conduit (FMC) shall be secured by an approved means at intervals NOT exceeding _____ and within at LEAST _____ of every outlet box, panelboard, conduit body or other conduit termination.
42. For emergency systems where internal combustion engines are used as the prime mover, an on-site fuel supply shall be provided with an on-site fuel supply sufficient for NOT less than _____ full-demand operation of the system.
43. Type MI cable shall be supported at intervals NOT exceeding _____.
44. Given: You are to install a back-up generator with a rating of 18 kW, 120/240-volts, single-phase, at a farm house. Where the design and operation of the generator does not prevent overloading, the ampacity of the conductors from the generator terminals to the first overcurrent protective device must be at LEAST _____.
45. Continuous-duty motors, rated more than 1 hp, with a service factor of less than 1.15, shall have the MINIMUM running overload protection sized at _____ of the motor nameplate full-load ampere rating, or may have the MAXIMUM running overload protection sized at no more than _____ of the nameplate FLA rating of the motor.
46. Which of the following listed is NOT permitted for use as a grounding electrode?
47. What is the MAXIMUM standard size overcurrent protective device that may be used to protect a storage-type water heater with a rating of 4,500 watts, 240-volts, single-phase?
48. Determine the conductor ampacity given the following related information:
conductors are size 500 kcmil THWN copper
ambient temperature is 125 deg. F
eight (8) current-carrying conductors are in the raceway
49. The use of UF cable is prohibited by the NEC® if used _____.
50. Receptacles incorporating an isolated grounding conductor connection intended for the reduction of electrical noise, shall be identified by a/an _____ located on the face of the receptacle.
51. The lightning protection system ground terminals shall be bonded to _____.
52. The NEC mandates specific branch circuits, receptacle outlets and utilization equipment to be provided with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI); this device is intended ______.
53. The MAXIMUM ampacity of an individual branch circuit in a flat conductor cable (FCC) assembly shall be _____ .
54. The connection between the grounded circuit conductor and the supply-side bonding jumper, or the equipment grounding conductor, or both, at a separately derived system is defined as the _____ in the NEC.
55. Receptacle outlets installed at a height of 16 inches above the floor in an unvented boat repair shop containing flammable liquids, are considered to be installed in a _____ hazardous location.
56. Conductor sizes addressed in the NEC are expressed in American Wire Gauge (AWG) or in _____.
57. Where a vertical raceway contains four (4) size 3/0 AWG copper conductors, the conductors shall be supported at intervals NOT greater than _____.
58. A ground rod is required to be driven a MINIMUM depth of _____ into the earth.
59. Determine the ampacity of a size 3 AWG THHN copper conductor given the following related information:
Three (3) current-carrying conductors are in the raceway.
The ambient temperature is 35 deg. C.
The terminations are rated at 60 deg. C.
60. In general, overhead (aerial) communications wires and cables shall have a vertical clearance of NOT less than _____ from all points above roofs which they pass.
61. Standard electrical trade size 2 in. rigid Schedule 40 PVC conduit shall be supported at LEAST every _____.
62. Where installed indoors, individual dry-type transformers of more than 112 kVA rating shall be installed in a transformer room of fire-resistant construction having a MINIMUM fire resistance rating of _____.
63. Where conductors carrying alternating current are installed in ferrous metal raceways, _____.
64. The NEC mandates the MAXIMUM length permitted for a flexible cord supplying a 208-volt, single-phase, room air-conditioner to be _____.
65. Where a feeder tap is to be made at a high bay manufacturing building, overcurrent protection at the tap is not required, if the tap conductors are not over 100 feet total length and the tap is made NOT less than _____ from the floor.
66. Where rigid metal conduit (RMC) is used to protect a grounding conductor, the conduit MUST _____.
67. Which of the following circuits is prohibited for the grounded conductor to be dependent on receptacle devices for continuity?
68. All 125-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles installed in residential garages shall be _____.
I) protected by a listed arc-fault circuit interrupter
II) provided with ground-fault circuit interrupter protection
69. Given: You are to install a transformer to supply a 208Y/120-volt, 3-phase, 243 ampere load. The transformer must have a kVA rating of at LEAST _____.
70. Unless specifically permitted in the NEC, neutral conductors shall NOT be used for more than one_____.
71. Where an ac service is supplied with four (4) parallel sets of size 500 kcmil aluminum conductors, what is the MINIMUM size copper grounding electrode conductor required, when connected to a metal underground water line used as the grounding electrode system?
72. Where an ac transformer arc welder has a 50 ampere rated primary current and a 60 percent duty cycle, determine the MINIMUM size copper 60 deg. C rated conductors required to supply this welder.
73. In general, cables or raceways shall be permitted to be laid in notches in wood studs where the cable or raceway at those points is protected against nails or screws by a steel plate at LEAST _____ thick.
74. Where one or more single-phase, 125-volt, 15- or 20-ampere receptacle outlets are provided for the show window lighting in a retail store, the outlet(s) shall be installed within at LEAST _____ of the top of the show window.
75. Generally, at the location of all ground- and pole-mounted photovoltaic arrays and as close as practicable to roof-mounted PV arrays a/an _____ is required to be installed.
I )auxiliary grounding electrode system
II) single-phase, 125-volt, 15- or 20-ampere, GFCI protected receptacle
76. For the purpose of determining conductor fill in conduit, what is the total area, expressed in square inches, for the following combination of conductors?
three - size 4/0 AWG THWN
one - size 3/0 AWG THWN
one - size 4 AWG THWN
77. Where a 3-phase rooftop mounted air conditioning unit is supplied by three (3) size 6 AWG THWN copper conductors installed in a 1 in. EMT, determine the allowable ampacity of the conductors, where given the following related information:
ambient temperature is 110F
the EMT is located within three (3) inches of the roof surface
the EMT is exposed to direct sunlight
78. In general, the disconnecting means for motor circuits rated 1000 volts or less, shall have an ampacity of at LEAST _____ of the full-load current rating of the motor it disconnects.
79. In general, where feeder conductors of not more than 600 volts supply a continuous load of 240 amperes, the conductors are required to have an ampacity of at LEAST _____.
80. Determine the MINIMUM number of 20-ampere, 120-volt general lighting branch circuits required for a 12 unit apartment building that is 12,000 sq. ft. in size. The apartment building is not designed for permanent residents and does not contain cooking facilities.
81. Where an 80 ampere, 240-volt, single-phase load is located 200 feet from a panelboard and is supplied with size 3 AWG copper conductors with THWN insulation, what is the approximate voltage drop on this circuit? (K = 12.9)
82. Enclosures in a Class I, Division 1 location containing components that have arcing devices must have an approved seal located within at LEAST _____ of each conduit run entering or leaving such enclosures.
83. In general, battery back-up exit luminaires (unit equipment) shall receive power from _____.
84. The NEC considers the area around the outdoor motor fuel dispensing pumps of a service station to be a hazardous location. This area extends to a height of 18 in. above grade, and up to a distance from the enclosures of the fuel dispensing pumps of _____.
85. When two (2) ground rods are bonded together, the grounding conductor that bonds the two rods together shall NOT be required to be larger than size _____ copper, regardless of the size of the service-entrance conductors.
86. Where a dwelling unit has a demand load of 8 kVA and a total of six (6) branch circuits, the service disconnecting means shall have a rating of NOT less than _____.
87. When a building has a 208Y/120-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire service with a balanced net computed load at 90 kVA, determine the current each ungrounded (phase) conductor will carry at full-load.
88. When a circuit breaker is used as the disconnecting means for a 20 hp, 480-volt, 3-phase, continuous-duty motor, the circuit breaker shall have an ampere rating of at LEAST _____.
89. Which of the following is NOT permitted in cable trays of industrial establishments?
90. Storage batteries for legally required standby systems shall have the capacity to maintain not less than 87 percent of the system voltage of the circuits supplying the legally required standby power for a period of at LEAST _____ upon loss of the normal power.
91. According to the NEC®, service conductors that supply a building are permitted to pass through the interior of another building _____.
92. Where fuses are used for motor overload protection, if the supply system is a 3-wire, 3-phase, ac with one conductor grounded, the NEC requires a MINIMUM of _____ fuses.
93. A 120/240-volt, single-phase feeder of a retail department store is to supply a noncontinuous load of 18,000 VA and a continuous load of 13,356 VA. What MINIMUM size 75 deg. C copper conductors are required for this installation?
94. A dry-type transformer of less than 1000 volts and _____ is permitted to be installed in a hollow space of a building, such as above an accessible lift-out ceiling, provided there is adequate ventilation.
95. What other purpose is permitted by the NEC for a grounding screw in a metal box used to connect the grounding conductor?
96. Given: Type UF cable is to be used for direct buried residential branch circuits of 120-volts. The conductors are GFCI protected and overcurrent protection is rated 20-amperes; the cables do not cross under any driveways or concrete. What is the MINIMUM permitted burial depth of the cable?
97. Type AC cable shall be permitted _____.
98. Floor-mounted Type FCC cable shall be covered with carpet squares NOT larger than _____.
99. When installing Type NM cable through bored holes in wooden studs, the holes shall be bored so that the edge of the hole is NOT less than _____ from the nearest edge of the wood member, unless the cable is protected by a steel plate.
100. Luminaires mounted in walls of permanently installed swimming pools, shall be installed with the top of the luminaire lens NOT less than _____ below the normal water level of the pool, unless the luminaire is listed and identified for use at lesser depths.