Master Electrician - Test 2 - 2014 NEC


1. Photovoltaic systems with dc source circuits, dc output circuits, or both, operating at a PV system MAXIMUM system voltage of at LEAST_____ or greater, is required to be protected by a listed (dc) arc-fault circuit interrupter, PV type, or other system components listed to provide equivalent protection.
2. In wall or ceilings with a surface of noncombustible material such as concrete, tile or gypsum, outlet boxes employing a flush-type cover or faceplate shall be installed so that the front edge of the box, plaster ring, or extension ring will not be set back of the finished surface more than _____.
3. What is the MINIMUM size equipment bonding jumper allowed for receptacles connected to a 20-ampere branch circuit in a critical care area of a hospital?
4. The branch circuit conductors supplying one or more units of information technology equipment shall have an ampacity of NOT less than _____ of the connected load.
5. Where luminaires are located over an indoor installed hot tub and protected by a ground-fault circuit-interrupter, they shall be installed at a MINIMUM height of _____.
6. Where a motor of more than 1 horsepower has a temperature rise of 50 deg. C indicated on the nameplate, for the purpose of selecting the overload device, this device shall be selected to trip at NO more than _____ of the motor's full-load ampere rating. (Assume no exceptions or modifications are necessary.)
7. The MINIMUM burial depth for conduit or cables installed under an airport runway, concourse or tarmac is _____ .
8. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit (LFMC) is approved for use as an equipment grounding conductor if it does NOT exceed _____ in length.
9. In dwelling units and guest rooms of hotels and motels, overcurrent protection devices shall NOT be located in _____.
10. Determine the MINIMUM size THWN copper branch-circuit conductors permitted to supply an ac motor when given the following related information:
* all terminations are rated for 75C
* nameplate current rating is 25 amperes
* 15 minute rated motor
* short-time duty
11. The conductors in multiconductor portable cables, of over 600 volts nominal, used to connect mobile equipment and machinery, shall be at least size _____ copper or larger and employ flexible stranding.
12. Apply no exceptions and determine the MAXIMUM standard size nontime-delay fuse permitted for branch-circuit, short-circuit, and ground-fault protection for an ac motor where given the following related information:
* 2 hp - 120-volts, single-phase
* continuous-duty
* nameplate current rating - 22 amperes
* no code letter
13. Which of the following listed is NOT permitted for use as both controller and disconnecting means for a motor?
14. Where located in Class I, Division 1 locations, transformers containing oil or a liquid that will burn shall be _____.
15. Where a conduit or tubing nipple has a length of NOT more than ____ it is not necessary to derate for the number of current-carrying conductors contained in the nipple.
16. A junction box to be installed will contain the following:
* three - size 6 AWG ungrounded conductors
* three - size 6 AWG grounded conductors
* one - size 8 AWG equipment grounding conductor
* three - size 12 AWG ungrounded conductors
* three - size 12 AWG grounded conductors
* one - size 12 equipment grounding conductor
* four - internal clamps
The junction box is required to have a volume of at LEAST _____ .
17. When a fiber optic cable or communications raceway passes through a fire-resistant-rated partition or wall it must be _____.
18. With respect to service-drop conductors and open overhead wiring of not more than 750-volts to ground, the MINIMUM vertical clearance that must be maintained from the base of a swimming pool diving board and the conductors is _____ .
19. The life safety branch of the essential electrical system of a health care facility shall provide power to _____ .
I. automatic doors used for building egress
II. illuminate electrical equipment rooms
20. When a building contains _____, the building may have more than one service without special permission being granted from the local authority having jurisdiction.
21. In general, service-drop conductors shall have a vertical clearance of at LEAST _____ above the roof surface of a building having no overhang.
22. Under general conditions, the phase arrangement on the three-phase busses for a three-phase ac panelboard or switchboard shall be A, B, C, as viewed from _____.
I. back to front
II. bottom to top
23. Where a dwelling unit is provided with a deck or porch that is accessible from inside the dwelling, at least one 125-volt, 15- or 20-ampere receptacle outlet is required to be installed accessible from the deck or porch. This receptacle is required to be located at a height of NOT more than _____ above the deck or porch surface.
24. Which of the following listed raceways is NOT permitted for use of enclosing control wiring for electric motor-driven fire pumps?
25. For indoor installations about switchboards and panelboards, the space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of 6 feet above the equipment or to the structural ceiling is known as the _____.
26. A grounding electrode conductor that is the sole connection to a made grounding electrode, such as a driven ground rod, pipe or buried plate, shall NOT be required to be larger than size _____ copper conductor.
27. For solar photovoltaic systems, locating the system grounded connection point as close as practicable to the photovoltaic source better protects the system from _____.
28. Disregarding exceptions, the MINIMUM size grounded or ungrounded conductors permitted to be connected in parallel are _____.
29. A phase converter is an electrical device that converts _____.
30. Which one of the following wiring methods is permitted to be installed in ducts specifically fabricated for environmental air?
31. An adjustable overload protection device protecting a single phase, 240-volt, continuous-duty, 5 hp, ac motor with a FLA rating of 26 amperes and a temperature rise of 50 deg. C marked on the nameplate, shall be selected to trip at NOT more than _____ . (Consider the value you select will enable the motor to start without tripping and modification of this value is not necessary.)
32. In Class II, Division 1 locations, where pendant mounted luminaires are suspended by rigid metal conduit (RMC) and a means for flexibility is not provided, the RMC shall have a length of NOT more than _____.
33. A commercial kitchen is to have the following cooking related equipment installed:
* one - 14 kW range
* one - 5.0 kW water heater
* one - 0.75 kW mixer
* one - 2.5 kW dishwasher
* one - 2.0 kW booster heater
* one - 2.0 kW broiler
Determine the demand load, in kW, after applying the demand factors for the kitchen equipment.
34. In areas of a minor repair commercial garage where gaseous liquids and fuels are not transferred, any unventilated pit or below-grade work area is classified as a _____ hazardous location.
35. Where a motor controller enclosure is located outdoors and is subject to be exposed to sleet, it shall have a MINIMUM rating of _____, where the controller mechanism is required to be operable when ice covered.
36. When buried raceways pass under a commercial driveway or parking lot the MINIMUM cover requirements _____ .
37. The National Electrical Code requires ventilation of a battery room where batteries are being charged to prevent _____.
38. For other than Design B energy-efficient motors, where the setting specified in Table 430.52 of the NEC is not sufficient for the starting current of the motor, the setting of an instantaneous trip circuit breaker shall be permitted to be increased, but in NO case exceed _____ of the full-load current of the motor.
39. Where given the following related information, determine the MAXIMUM standard size overcurrent protection required for the primary and secondary side of a transformer, when both primary and secondary overcurrent protection is to be provided.
* 150 kVA rating
* Primary - 480-volts, 3-phase, 3-wire
* Secondary - 208Y/120-volts, 3-phase, 4-wire
40. Where a flat cable assembly, Type FC, is installed LESS than _____ above the floor level or fixed working platform, it shall be protected by a cover identified for the use.
41. Apply no exceptions and determine the MAXIMUM standard size time-delay fuses permitted to be used for branch-circuit, short-circuit, and ground-fault protection for a 15 hp, 480-volt, three-phase, continuous-duty, wound rotor motor.
42. In general, when conductors of different insulation ratings are installed in a common raceway and the voltage is 1000 volts or less, the NEC requires _____ .
43. Where a service-entrance conduit having a length of six (6) ft. contains four (4) size 2 AWG THWN copper current-carrying conductors, and ambient temperature is not to be taken into consideration, each of the conductors have an allowable ampacity of _____.
44. A 6,000 sq. ft. bank building is to be constructed and the number of general-purpose receptacles to be installed in the building is yet to be determined; the building will also have an electric sign. Determine the MINIMUM number of 120-volt, 20-ampere branch circuits required for the lighting, receptacles and the sign.
45. Unless otherwise provided, Type AC cable shall be supported at intervals NOT exceeding _____ where installed on or across framing members.
46. Where a 200 kW, 3-phase, 480Y/277-volt, 4-wire back-up generator is installed at a commercial building and the design and operation of the generator does not prevent overloading, determine the MINIMUM size THWN copper conductors required from the generator terminals to the first distribution device(s) containing overcurrent protection.
47. All switches and circuit breakers located in wet locations of recreational vehicle parks shall be listed _____.
48. A dwelling unit to be built will have 1,400 sq. ft. of livable space on the main floor, a 1,400 sq. ft. basement (unfinished but adaptable for future use), a 200 sq. ft. open porch and a 600 sq. ft. garage. Determine the MINIMUM number of 15- ampere, 120-volt general lighting branch-circuits required for the dwelling.
49. In order to determine the proper size of a junction box or pull box containing size 4 AWG THWN copper conductors, the volume allowance, in cubic inches, required per ungrounded and grounded conductor is _____.
50. Noncombustible surfaces, such as drywall or plasterboard that are damaged around boxes having a flush-type cover or faceplate, shall be repaired so there will be no gaps greater than _____ at the edge of the box.
51. Thermal insulation is not permitted to be installed above a recessed luminaire or WITHIN _____ of the recessed luminaire's enclosure, wiring compartment, ballast, transformer, LED driver or power supply, unless the luminaire is identified as Type IC for insulation contact.
52. What is the MINIMUM height allowed for a fence enclosing an outdoor installation of 2,400-volt electrical equipment?
53. The MINIMUM size copper conductor permitted for use as an equipment grounding conductor for secondary circuits of an instrument transformer is ___.
54. Storage batteries used as a source of power for emergency systems shall be of a suitable rating and capacity to supply and maintain the total load for at LEAST _____.
55. Receptacle outlets installed in floors of dwelling units shall not be counted as part of the required number of receptacle outlets, unless located within at LEAST _____ of the wall.
56. Given: A 32 unit apartment complex to be constructed will have an 8 kW household electric range in each unit. Use the optional method of calculation and determine the demand load, in kW, on the ungrounded service-entrance conductors for the electric ranges.
57. Where the service of a building is provided with ground-fault protection, the MAXIMUM trip time-delay shall be _____ for ground-faults equal to or greater than 3,000 amperes.
58. Each grounding electrode plate shall expose NOT less than _____ of surface to exterior soil.
59. Underground service conductors that are not encased in concrete and buried 18 inches or more below grade shall have their location identified by a warning ribbon placed at LEAST _____ above the underground installation.
60. Determine the MAXIMUM standard size time-delay fuses permitted for branch-circuit, short-circuit and ground-fault protection for a 50 hp, 3-phase, 480-volt, induction-type motor with a full-load ampere rating of 61 amperes marked on the nameplate. Apply no exceptions.
61. Given: A 100 kVA, dry-type transformer with a 4,160-volt primary is to be installed indoors at an industrial occupancy. The transformer must have a clearance of at LEAST _____ from combustible material.
62. For track lighting installed in a retail store, a MAXIMUM of two (2) feet of lighting track or fraction thereof shall be considered _____.
63. Where fixed wiring above bulk fuel storage tanks is installed in PVC conduit, the PVC shall be _____.
64. Where multioutlet assemblies are installed in an office building where the cord-connected equipment is likely to be used simultaneously, each one (1) ft. of multioutlet assembly or faction therof shall be considered as one outlet of NOT less than _____.
65. In general, 4 inch wide underfloor raceways shall have a covering of wood or concrete of NOT less than _____ above the raceway.
66. Where not in excess of 600 volts, service-drop conductors over an orchard shall have a vertical clearance from final grade of NOT less than _____.
67. Where a hot tub is installed outdoors at a dwelling unit, what is the MAXIMUM distance a 15- or 20-ampere, 125-volt receptacle is permitted to be located from the hot tub?
68. What is the MAXIMUM length permitted of a flexible cord that may be used to cord-and-plug connect a water circulating pump motor for a swimming pool at a dwelling?
69. The MAXIMUM height above the floor or working platform to the center of the operating handle of a service disconnecting switch when it is in the ON position must not exceed _____.
70. The upward discharging vent of an underground fuel tank of motor fuel dispensing facilities is classified as a Class I, Division 1 location WITHIN _____ of the open vent.
71. Flexible metallic tubing (FMT) shall NOT be used in lengths exceeding ____.
72. A retail store is to have eighty (80) feet of accent track lighting installed where the track lighting will be in use continuously during business hours. For the purpose of sizing branch circuits, feeders and service entrance conductors, determine the connected load in VA.
73. What is the MINIMUM permitted sill height of a transformer vault doorway?
74. PVC conduit used exposed in areas of physical damage shall be _____.
75. Determine the MAXIMUM setting permitted for the overload protection for a 7 hp, 3-phase, 480-volt, induction-type ac motor with a full-load current of 15 amperes, an 86% power factor, and a service factor of 1.00 indicated on the nameplate. (Assume exceptions and modifications are not to be applied.)
76. Where a portable generator is used for a portable optional standby source and is not considered a separately derived system, the equipment grounding conductor shall be bonded to _____.
77. Unless special permission is granted, main feeders for supplying power to elevators shall be installed _____.
78. For electrical systems over 1000 volts, where straight pulls of conductors in junction boxes are being made, the length of the box shall NOT be less than _____ the outside diameter of the largest shielded or lead-covered conductor or cable entering the box.
79. For trade size 3/4 in. Type MI cable, the radius of the inner edge of the bend shall NOT be less than _____ times the external diameter of the cable.
80. Manhole covers shall be OVER _____ in weight or otherwise require the use of tools to open.
81. Size 4/0 AWG, 75C aluminum secondary conductors of a 3-phase, delta-wye transformer, shall be protected at NOT more than _____ .
82. For the purpose of determining conductor fill in conduit, a multiconductor flexible cord or cable of four (4) conductors shall be treated as _____ conductor(s).
83. Ceiling suspended (paddle) fans weighing more than _____ shall be supported independently of the outlet box.
84. What is the MAXIMUM size overcurrent protection device required to protect size 14 AWG copper conductors used for a pump motor control-circuit that is protected by the motor branch circuit protection device and extends beyond the enclosure?
85. In general, multiconductor flat cable of size 4 AWG or larger conductors shall be permitted to employ an external _____ on the grounded (neutral) conductor.
86. A 120/240-volt, single-phase feeder of a retail shopping mall is to supply a noncontinuous load of 20,000 VA and a continuous load 16,000 VA. Consider the overcurrent device protecting the feeder conductors is not listed for operation at 100 percent of its rating and determine the MINIMUM size 75C copper conductors required for this installation.
87. Apply the general method of calculations for dwelling units and determine the demand load, in kW, on the ungrounded (line) service-entrance conductors for the electric ranges, where a 12 unit multifamily dwelling has an 8 kW range in each apartment.
88. General-use receptacle outlets in a dwelling located in a living room or a bedroom, shall be installed such that no point measured horizontally in any wall space is more than _____ from a receptacle outlet.
89. Interior metal water lines located NOT more than _____ from the point of entrance to the building shall be permitted to be used as a conductor to interconnect electrodes that are part of the grounding electrode system.
90. The independent support wires used to support electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and flexible metal conduit (FMT) above a non-fire-rated ceiling shall be shall be distinguishable from the ceiling support wires by means of _____.
I. color
II. tagging
91. A single-phase, 230-volt branch circuit is to supply a 10 kW load having
a full-load current rating of 50 amperes. Determine the power factor.
92. Power distribution blocks shall be permitted to be placed in pull and junction boxes having a volume over at LEAST ____ for connections of conductors installed in boxes where the power distribution blocks do not have uninsulated live parts exposed within the box, whether or not the box cover is installed.
93. The circuit disconnecting means for non-power-limited fire alarm (NPLFA) circuits shall have _____ colored identification, shall be accessible only to qualified persons and shall be identified as "FIRE ALARM CIRCUIT."
94. A flexible metal conduit (FMC) having a length of 4 ft. is to supply a panelboard from a transformer. The FMC will contain three (3) size 400 kcmil THWN copper conductors and one (1) size 350 kcmil THWN copper conductor. In compliance with the NEC, what is the MINIMUM trade size FMC required?
95. An outside overhead span of 3-phase, 4 wire, 480Y/277-volt conductors are to be installed between two buildings of a college campus. The area the conductors cross will not be subject to truck traffic. The conductors must have a MINIMUM clearance of _____ from final grade.
96. Cables operating at over 600 volts and those operating at 600 volts or less, are permitted to be installed in a common cable tray without a fixed barrier, where the cables operating at over 600 volts are _____.
97. When calculating the total load for a mobile home park, before demand factors are taken into consideration, each individual mobile home lot shall be calculated at a MINIMUM value of _____ .
98. Where a restaurant located in a retail shopping mall has a main circuit breaker rated for 400 amperes, the required bonding jumper to the metal water piping system is to be at LEAST _____ copper.
99. For either overhead or underground primary distribution systems that exceed 1000 volts on private property, the service disconnecting means shall be _____.
100. In general, all panelboards are required to have overcurrent protection,
an exception to this rule is _____.